Setup IPTV on Firestick with Smart IPTV app

                                                         1. Open Downloader

                                                         2. Cut this link


                                                          3. Download SIPTV


SIPTV (SmartIPTV) is a pre-installed app on Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV & LG Smart TV. It can easily be used to watch IPTV service. SIPTV offers its service but you can use IPTV GOLD service and you need M3U IPTV URL to watch channels on your smart TV via Smart IPTV app.

  • Devices: Smart TV (Samsung, LG, …)
  • Operating systems: Android, iOS, Tizen
  • Download: Pre-installed on TV, Google play store, Apple store
  • Format: M3U

1. Open Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV.

2. Find and write down your Mac Address.

3.Send the MAC adress during the order 00:1A:79…….

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